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Thursday, January 09, 2014

Today's Reality!!

Big House

Small Family

More Degrees

Less Common Sense

Advanced Medicine

Poor Health

Touched Moon 

Neighbours Unknown

High Income 

Less peace of Mind

High IQ

Less Emotions

Good Knowledge

Less Wisdom

Number of affairs

No true love

Lot of friends on Facebook

No best friends

More alcohol

Less water

Lots of Human 

Less Humanity

Costly Watches

But No time

Ghor Kalyug

Life is Maths:

Pyar Plus Karo

Nafrat Minus Karo,

Dukh Divide Karo

Sukh Multiply Karo


Apna Khayal Karo,

Hamesha SMILE karO:))

Wish you a very 
happy new year..


1 Apple No Doctor

1Tulsi Patta No Cancer

1 Nimbu No Fat

1 Glass Milk No Bone Problms

3 Ltr Water Skin Saaf


Daily sms blog = No stress, Mood fresh

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