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Saturday, February 08, 2014

Give me a break..

Whats up interaction and people reaction

Life is simple and sweet

But people connected in whats up are so complex..

If you react to msg or video, they feel we are chatterbox

If we don't, they feel we have attitude.

If you keep sharing, they feel we are disturbing them and have no other work to do..

If we don't, they feel we are ignoring them.

If you come online, 
they keep running and don't even reply back on things which needs urgent attention.

If you don't visit, 
they keep sending repeatative msg, 
videos and images.

They never give 
any reactions or
 feed back on 
number of msgs 
sent by you

But expect the 
feedback from you 
on very stupid jokes..

Oh god..

Where to go..

Give me a break..

Reality of life is

"When you give 


to people, they think

you are always free, 

but they don't 


you make yourserlf 

available for them

 every time.."

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