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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Please Do Not Disturb me, I am Married and already very Disturbed!?

I found Aladin's lamp today.

wow, what did u ask for darling??

 I asked him to increase your brain ten times..

oh..jaan..luv u so much.. Did he do that??

He laughed and said multiplication doesn't apply on zero.


Ek Aadmi ne conductor se pucha: Aap kitne ghante bus me rehte ho ?

Conductor: 24 hours.

Aadmi: Wo kaise?

Conductor: 8 ghante city bus me, Baaki 16 ghante biwi ke "BASME".!

A man gifted his wife a diamond necklace for their anniversary and wife didn't speak to him for 6 months.

Was the necklace FAKE?

Nooooo! That was the deal :)

A couple was having dinner at a fancy restaurant. As the food was served, the husband said, "the food looks delicious, let's eat."

Wife: say prayer before eating at home.

Husband: that's at home the chef knows how to cook.
Best Slogan on a MAN's T-Shirt :

"Please Do Not Disturb me, I am Married and already very Disturbed"
Bhakt: Swami ji, aisi Patni ko kya kahte hai jo Gori ho, Lambi ho, sundar ho, Inteligent ho, Pati ko samjhe, Or kabhi jhagda n kare?

Swami: Mann ka Vaham kahte hain Beta, Mann ka Vaham!!!!


Shortest Joke !

Santa: meri biwi jawaan hai.

Banta: toh border pe bhej de.

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