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Monday, January 12, 2015

Congratulations, Your Memory Is Back....!!

A Doctor Opened A Clinic & Wrote Outside The Clinic : ''Any treatment for Rs.300/- & if we cant treat, we will pay you back Rs.1000/- ''

A CLEVER patient comes to do fraud & thinking to get Rs.1000.

He says to the Doctor : '' I Can't Feel Any Taste On My Tongue.....!!!! '' 

Doctor asks the Nurse to put a few drops of medicine from box no 22.

After that the  patient shouts  : "What The hell ......It's URINE.....!!!!!! '' 

The Doctor Says : ''Congratulations, your sense of Taste Is Back Now.....!!!!! '' 

The patient  was very angry as he lost Rs 300.

After 2 weeks the same patient  Comes back again & this time he thinks to get back his previous 300 too.

Patient  : '' Doc.....! I've lost my Memory.......!!!!! '' 

Doctor : '' Nurse....!

Please Put Some Drops Of Medicine from Box No 22 On His Tongue......!!!! ''

Patient : ''Wait Doctor, But that medicine is for Sense Of Taste.

Doctor : ''Congratulations, Your Memory Is Back....!!!!!! ''

Moral : '' Don't Try to be Over-Smart With Doctors....!!!! ''


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