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Friday, January 30, 2015

Valentines day is coming!!

♦Valentine’s Day ki Date sheet aa gyi hai, Taiyari shuru kar do..

07 Feb- Rose Day
08 Feb- Propose Day
09 Feb- Chocolate Day
10 Feb- Teddy Day
11 Feb- Promise Day
12 Feb- Hug Day
13 Feb- Kiss Day
14 Feb- Valentine Day

Another version 

Yaar lo ji aa gyi date sheet, karlo tyaari saare …. 
7   Feb      Rose Day
8   Feb      Propose Day
9   Feb      Chocolate Day
10 Feb      Teddy Day
11 Feb      Promise Day
12 Feb      Kiss Day
13 Feb      Hug Day
15 Feb      Slap Day
16 Feb      Kick Day
17 Feb      Perfume Day
18 Feb      Flirting Day
19 Feb      Confession Day
20 Feb      Missing Day
21 Feb      Break Up 


♦Valentines day is coming!!
No cheating.. Post this as your status and see what number You get !!
1) your cute
2) I like you
3) Long term relationship
4) I miss you
5) I’m crushing on you
6) I dislike you
7) Chill more
8) Quick fling.. Nothing more!
9) I wan’t your number
10) I♥U


♦Girl to shopkeeper: Bhaiya aap ke pas aisa valentine card hai jisme likha ho..

‘U R MY 1st and would be my Last LOVE..?
Shopkeeper: Haan Hai..!
Girl: Theek hai 50  de do


♦Romeo died for love,
Jack in titanic died for love,
Samson in the Bible died for love,
Greek heroes Hercules & Achilles died 4 love. Even Jesus Christ died for love! where are the women? Don’t buy any woman a Valentines Gifts or Diamond ring this year until she gives u atleast 5 names of women who died for love… Because no woman would die for love… Wake up guys…
Jaago Boyfriends jaago


Can we do romance in the midnight today? I'm in a good mood:) Just a little bit of kissing and biting!! Reply me soon, 

yours Loving


Arz kiya jai…..gaurr farrmaiye
Lamha-Lamha waqt guzar jayega,
Kuch hii dino mein ‘VALENTINE DAY’ aa jayega, Abhi bhi tym hai kisi se ‘AFFAIR’ kar lo,Varna yeh valentine bhi ‘PATNI’ ke saath hii guzar jayega.

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