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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Dont underestimate the power of a WIFE.

A woman went shopping, At cash counter she opened her purse to pay. The cashier noticed a TV remote in her purse. He cud'nt control his curiosity n asked "Do u always carry ur TV remote with u?" She replied " No, not always, but my husband refused to accompany me for shopping today.. ..

Moral : Accompany ur wife....

The story continues....

The shopkeeper laughs and takes back all the items that lady had purchased. 

Shocked at this act, she asks the shopkeeper what is he doing. He said your husband has blocked your credit card....

MORAL : Respect the hobbies of your husband. 

Story continues....

Wife took out his husbands credit card from purse and swiped. Unfortunately he didn't block his own card.

Moral: Dont underestimate the power of a WIFE.

Still continues...

After swiping, the machine indicated 'ENTER OTP SENT TO YOUR MOBILE'.

Moral: When Man tends to lose, machine is smart enough to save him!

Still continues....

When she turned back with depression, her mobile ringed showing forwarded SMS "your OTP is......" Finally she bought her items & returned back happily

Moral: what are you thinking about Men! He always sacrifices himself for his wife

Fresh absolutely fresh....!

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