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Monday, February 09, 2015

Big Savings for Married Couples on this Chocolate Day!!

Feb 7: Rose Day  Rs.20 (Red Rose)

Feb 8: Propose Day Rs.100 (Card + Ice Cream).

Feb 9: Chocolate Day Rs.250 (Cant give a low price chocolate).

Feb 10: Teddy Day  Rs.700
(That s the lowest price)

Feb 11: Promise Day Rs.130 (Again, few food expenses ).

Feb 12: Hug Day  Rs.250
(You have to hug after applying a DEO).

Feb 13: Kiss Day  Rs.150
(SPRAY MINT before kissing) .

Feb 14: Valentine Day  Rs. 2000. (You cant handle lesser than this amount.)


You are going to Save Nearly Rs. 3600 in this Week. 

FOR ALL MY dear married friends. Happy chocolate day..

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